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Board of Directors

Ravenswood Family Health Center is governed by a dedicated 14-member Board of Directors that sets policy and provides direction for our organization and staff. Each board member sits on one or more committees guiding Board Development, Quality Assurance, Finance, Audit, Fund Development, Personnel, Capital Projects, and Strategic Planning.

As a federally funded community health center, over 51% of our Board members are from the community and/or are registered patients of the clinic.

The operation of a community health center is challenging given the constant changes and increasing complexity of healthcare. Thanks to the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) our Board members are trained at a weeklong NACHC “Boot Camp” where they learn the legal, administrative, financial, and clinical aspects of governing a health center.

Public Notice / Aviso Público

Ravenswood Family Health Center’s Board of Directors meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 6:30PM at 1798 B Bay Road, East Palo Alto, California in the non-profit Resource Center, California Conference Room.

La Junta Directiva de la Clinica “Ravenswood Family Health Center” se reúne cada tercer Martes a las 6:30 de la tarde en el edificio 1798 B Bay Road, East Palo Alto, California, el cual es el Centro de Recursos en el cuarto de conferencia, que se llama “California”.

Julio Garcia, Chair

Program Director, Nuestra Casa

Julio has been a board member since 2001 and served as board President from 2005-2008. With over 24 years in community grassroots organizing, he is attuned to the needs of the community, particularly regarding immigrant issues and community education. For three years he worked with the International Institute of San Francisco’s San Mateo County Citizenship and Community Education Program. Currently, Julio is the Program Director with Nuestra Casa, a community education organization that promotes civic engagement, parent involvement, and is a partner with RFHC’s CMS Health Innovation project.

Melieni Talakai, Vice Chair

Ambulatory Care Nurse, San Mateo County Mobile Clinic

Melieni has served on the Board from the beginning and made major contributions in guiding the first years of our development.  This is her second term as Board Chair. In April 2010 she received the Nonprofit Board Leader Award given annually by the Volunteer Center in recognition of the achieve-ments of outstanding nonprofit board members in the Bay Area. Her background in public health gives her a breadth of understanding about community health. Her Tongan heritage has made her an invaluable resource in developing culturally appropriate methods for addressing chronic disease issues in the Tongan population.  Melieni is the co-founder of Taulama for Tongans, a volunteer nonprofit that provides health education to the Pacific Islander community.

Jonathan M. Lindeke, Secretary

Attorney, retired from Foley & Lardner

Jonathan Lindeke, formerly a partner at Foley & Lardner LLP, specializes in health care law, corporate and antitrust law. At Foley & Lardner he was a member of the firm’s health care industry team and its antitrust practice group. He has over 33 years of experience in the practice of law. For 22 years, Jonathan specialized in the health care industry, providing advice and counsel to clients including hospitals and hospital systems, physicians and medical groups, academic medical centers, long-term care providers, HMOs, and public entities such as health care districts and county governments. He has extensive experience with managed health care, including capitated and “global risk” payment arrangements, as well as health care joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. He has authored articles published in Inside Health Law. He received his law degree at Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California Berkeley.

Manuel Arteaga

Social Worker, County Child Support Services

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA in psychology, Manuel was an elementary school teacher in Redwood City. In 1998 he moved to Barcelona where he taught English and worked with the Centre Integral de Serveis, coordinating group therapy and managing a caseload of patients in a mental health clinic. He now works with San Mateo County Child Support Services as a social worker. He has well developed cross-cultural skills and is an adept and thoughtful communicator.

Vernal Bailey

Community Advocate

Vern is well known in the community of East Palo Alto where he grew up. He uses his communication and organizing skills to promote events for community groups including a popular local car club and now for RFHC. He worked with FEMA in 1994 where he was sworn in as a reservist. He now owns a handyman and landscaping business and, on the side, moonlights as a limo driver. Vern is active in the recovery community and is a member of All of Us or None, a nonprofit that supports the families of prisoners. He also plays the bass for churches in the community.

Marcelline Combs

Formerly with Sequoia School District

A resident of East Palo Alto since 1955, Marcelline has raised her family in this community and knows firsthand how important it is to provide access to health care. She is very aware of the importance of providing culturally sensitive services. She attended Foothill and Canada Colleges and worked at Sequoia Union High School District for many years before retiring.

Senseria Conley

Community Advocate

As a patient of the clinic, Senseria represents the patient’s perspective. She was invited to serve on the Board because she is forthright and effective in communicating the needs of her community. She is raising two teens, her daughter and a nephew. She knows the issues and challenges of parenting. Her compassion helps keep the clinic in balance.

Siteri Maravou

President, Ultimate Homecare Services
  • Siteri was born and raised in Fiji. Before coming to the States, she worked in broadcasting as a producer and journalist for Fiji Television.. She founded Ultimate Homecare Services in 2001.
  • She is also a board member of the East Palo Alto YMCA and a member of Pacific Island Community Center.

Raymond Mills, Board Liaison

Executive Director, Voices of Recovery

Raymond is a resident of the East Palo Alto who brings valuable experience to the board in the field of recovery. He co-founded Voices of Recovery with Stave Kaplan of San Mateo County’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.
He now serves as the Executive Director of this nonprofit. He is a certified facilitator for Wellness Recovery Action Plan or WRAP that teaches people to identify what makes them well, and then use their own Wellness Tools to relieve difficult feelings and maintain wellness.

Sherri Sager, Board Liaison

Chief Government & Community Relations Officer, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital

Sherri Sager has represented Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital since the foundation of our community health center and acted as Board Liaison since its first Board meeting in 2000. As the Chief Government Relations Officer, she is responsible for developing and advocating positions on legislation and public policies that impact Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and the children it serves. An advocate and leader in the public arena for over 30 years, she is widely recognized for her political acumen and understanding of public healthcare policy.