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Dental Services

  • Pediatric dental care
  • Preventative care
  • Caries risk assessment
  • Restorative and periodontal care
  • Oral surgery and root canals
  • Emergency dental services
  • Rehabilitative care (crowns, dentures)
  • Oral Health Education

Ravenswood Family Dentistry (RFD) only serves adults that are registered patients of Ravenswood Family Health Center. However, RFD will provide care to any child that resides in San Meto County.

Opening Access to comprehensive dental care

Ravenswood Family Dentistry opened in April 2010. In 2014, Ravenswood Family Dentistry saw 5,000 patients in a total of 13,573 dental visits. At full capacity, we expect to serve 8,000 patients annually.

Listen to our interview with the California Dental Association Board Chair, Dr. Cindy Lyon.

Dental disease is 100% preventable, but oral health education is crucial

Some parents mistakenly think dental treatment for baby teeth is a waste of time since the teeth are going to fall out anyway. They don't realize that dental disease can spread to the child's permanent teeth, leaving her with a lifetime of poor oral health.

Educating Parents

With regular dental care from the start—as soon as the first teeth come in—children can have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Educating the Community

In collaboration with the Ravenswood City School District and local Head Start programs, RFHC has developed a Childhood Dental Screening and Referral program to identify and refer children that need dental care.

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