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Ravenswood Family Dentistry

Integrating oral health care with medical care

"Dental disease is the most common health problem among children and adults . If left untreated it can have real health risks. Ignoring the need has never been an option."

Luisa Buada, CEO of RFHC

Ravenswood Family Dentistry is located across the street from Ravenswood's main medical site in East Palo Alto. It has 11 dental chairs for children and adult patients; 2 chairs are dedicated to oral surgery. We provide preventative dental care to children starting at 12 months of age and offer nutrition education, oral health care and fluoride varnish to prevent decay.

Ravenswood Family Dentistry is state-of-the-art—equipped with the latest technology including an electronic dental record system and digital radiography. For children, we offer conscious sedation onsite and general anesthesia dental care at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center. We serve disabled adults and children from both San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Any child living in South San Mateo County is welcome to enroll. However, adult patients must be registered patients of Ravenswood Family Health Center.

"What amounts to a silent epidemic of dental and oral diseases is affecting some population groups … Those who suffer the worst oral health are found among the poor of all ages."

U.S. Surgeon General

Lack of Access to Dental Care

  • Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease of childhood—5 times more common than asthma.
  • 80% of pediatric dental disease occurs in 20% of children who are from low-income families.
  • Chronic oral infections of the gums and teeth are associated with poor health outcomes such as low-birth-weight, premature births, infections of the heart.

Leading to Costly Consequences

  • 25% of the children we see have visible tooth decay.
  • 40% of adult patients need urgent dental care.
  • Broken teeth are the most common condition in adults with root tips that need to be extracted.