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Integrated Behavioral Health Services

"In East Palo Alto we see a higher acuity of mental health issues than we see at Stanford. Most cases are situational and often complicated by multiple factors. We're providing an intermediate level of mental health care– preventing the issue from blowing up into a major crisis."

Daryn Reicherter, M.D, Clinical Director of IBHS

Serious Need for Access to Mental Health Care

RFHC serves a high-need area that was seriously under resourced for years.

In the past, most people had to rely on their own social support system or on themselves. The cost of professionally trained counselors was out of reach. For decades, the County was the only source providing mental health services for people in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven. But the County had to limit services to those with serious ongoing mental health issues.

That changed two years ago with the advent of our Integrated Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) program. Now those with less acute mental health issues are referred by RFHC medical providers to our IBHS team.

Behavioral Health Services Team

  • Adult and child psychiatrists, both associated with the Stanford Department of Psychiatry, act as consultants to RFHC’s behavioral health team and primary care providers. Both Dr. Reicherter and Dr. Carrion are specialists in treating victims of trauma.
  • The psychologist receives a majority of referrals with cases needing short-term counseling, including children, adolescents and adults.
  • The marriage & family therapist intern (MFTI) handles many complicated cases of individuals with a history of substance abuse and incarceration, often associated with a co-occurring but untreated mental health issue and exposure to trauma.
  • The licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) functions as social worker and clinician, providing short-term counseling, helping families with immediate crisis situations and need for social service and parenting support.